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From the few people who have me listed as a friend (because they're the only ones who will see this) I want a list of song titles (ones you have made up) to try and write music to. It's an idea I think would be cool. Please contribute as many as you like. They can be as cryptic or blatent and as silly or as poetic as you like.

Please do this, someone and I promise to try and write music to them!

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Hey its me Jay..... you know Rose is great. She really is (cookshow is her LJ name) though nobody reads my journal so you'll never know, but she is.

Hey my cats are looking rather sinister today, they are plotting against me!!

I'm tired.

Does anyone.......
Does anyone want a copy of my cd? I would be willing send out a bunch of them for free.

It may not be the most exciting set of tracks but it does represent my first small collection of somewhat finished tracks...

I took too long and I think as a result, people I'd spken to previously about this, have lost interest, (or forgotten) but for what it is worth, I have just finished recording my first CD.

Woo woo.

It's not very lively and doesn't do much, but there were some loose ends left which I will never force myself to return to (I haven't the patience) so I've decided it's done.

It is called "(I'...)"


Leaf # 1
Seven Today
Leaf # 2
Strangers Downstairs (Rough Acoustic Take)

Interestingly not one of the ideas I originally intended to work on made it to this cd. They all wrote themselves as I was working on it and all the older ideas seemed to fall by the wayside... I should really force myself to finish them... I suppose there is always the next CD.... I think I'm going to call it "Tee.Kay.Pee"

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yeah my fingers hurt, no i don't mind.
i have been challenged and i have taken to the challenge with both hands.

everything will be ok i hope.

I can't decide what I'll do about work though. Maybe I'm going to lose my job. Someone tell me something funny.

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The eager clickings of this mother-board make it hard for me to see where I've yet to de-bug

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I've never felt this way before.
All day everyday I just want to collapse and when I finally do it doesn't feel restful it just feels rushed.

Working two jobs is going to make me ill and yet I have little choice.
I look like shit.

I feel so drained.

my co-workers regard me with suspicion

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I left the house today and headed down to work although i actually had the day off.
It was sunny and I felt good, despite myself. i had little sleep but was contented in the fact it would catch up with me later and for the time being, would simply let me be.

I walked to the top of the hill where the hair hits the ground and indecent things have been known to happe outside the church and i found that i was sweating.

It was hot.

I turned to walk downside of the church towards Tesco swhen i heard noises out the ordinary. Noises that, standing next to the busy road, sounded out of place.

Hundreds of monkeys poured through the door of tesco, enraged and clearly motivated to go break things and throw the pieces around manically.

The police arrived and the monkeys made a mockery of the justice system.

Many people were evacuated and one small girl died, but her family blamed society and the lack of monkey prevention facilities in place at the tesco.

Some of this story may be embellished.
Those of us here at the centre will let YOU be the judge

Oh dear
Someone told me my entries were EMO.

I shrugged it off at the time, but i suspected she knew the truth...

...I was ashamed.


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